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Ouvert Skymm: The Vengeance of King
de eRadication (skymm - créé le 29 avril 2012 à 1h 21
49 reponses - 870 vues
modifié il y a 5 ans
I always played to MMORPGs in my life, and I dream to create mine. Seriously, at 15 years old, I don't have the time, and the capacities to do it so. I just put all my ideas together to give something good at the end. So there's my game: Skymm.

First of all, the game's not finish... If you go take a look on the website (which is written just at the right of my name), you'll see in the little announcements that the game's finished at 3%. BUT! I write this message because I want to get the biggest number of people I can. And I know that the game's in English and that almost all the webmaster are French... That means nothing... I'll explain in the text that'll follow.

Firstly, "Skymm" is the name of the game, and "The Vengeance of King" is like the episode. To do a comparison, the game "The Elder Scroll". This game's named "The Elder Scroll", but have many episodes like "Oblivion" or more recently "Skyrim". That's the same thing, so there'll be other Skymm.

About the description of the game, I have a lot to tell you.

• The playing will be different that on the traditional MMORPGs.
As other MMORPGs, you’ll choose your race, and your class (4 races and 4 classes for each race). Then, you’ll have the introduction of your adventure, which is about to begin, and at the end of this text, you’ll have two choice. These two choices start the adventure of your character, but differently. If you choose the second way to start, you’ll have other choices after which will take you to a place, or make your story different.
• The leveling and the story
The leveling stays the same, out of some things. When you do a choice, your experience grows, and when you reach a bearing of experience, your level grows too. What’s important is that you don’t see the experience needed to level up. I’ll try to add it, without cluttering the page. For the story now, we can see at the top left, the statistic named “Story Advancement”. This statistic is show whit the text: Story completed at X%. It’ll show you where you are in the story.
• Battles and gears
For battles, this is simple. You stay having two choices, and you do one. The only thing which is different is about the choices obligated. I explain myself. The choices obligated are choices only in battles. Sometimes, if you’re a Mage or a Priest, you’ll need to have a spell book to throw a skill. By example, if you want to throw the skill “Dragon’s Breath”, you’ll need to get with you, the spell book of the skill “Dragon’s Breath” (spell book will be purchasable at the shops). So if you don’t have this spell book with you, the actions will offer you to buy it at shop, else you’ll be unable to do this action, so you’ll be obligated to choose the other one. If you go to the shop, and came back to your character panel, the battles will be at the same place at which you left. About the gears, there’s none. I know, it’s sad, but I don’t have a lot of possibilities with the account that I have.
• After story part
There’s an “After Story Part”. I decide to add it, because I thought that the story were simple to finish. You make choices, and then go ahead in the story. I decided to put secondary story, that I called “Secondary Quests”. It’ll start after the story, and will start another story. What is the good point to continue with the “Secondary Quests”? It’s there for connecting the first episode, with the second. After the story of “The Vengeance of King”, there’ll be another one which will begin, but not exactly after. So if you stop at the end of the story, deciding that you skip the ASP (After Story Part), there’ll be time missing between the end of the first story, and the second.

I’ll give some news on the Forum about the advancement of the game. It should take a long time before the game would be ready, only because there are 2.800 possibilities of story different (without the ASP). It makes me happy to do this game, and I’ll do all I can to give the best game of my teenager life!

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le 10 dec 2012 à 23h 38 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (skymm
I don't find any time to continue the project... So I try to came some time and give news about me... 'cause I can't give news about the game... It doesn't have any!

I'll finished it! I promise everyone who's reading this message :)
le 11 dec 2012 à 19h 57 (il y a 5 ans)
Webiplage En ligne Khann (manga-club
le 5 janv 2013 à 0h 53 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Whattou (elevagewasa
I hope you'll do it ! :D
Your game is the Webidev website I wait the most impatiently.
Sorry not to have answered earlier, didn't noticed your message.
Even if you dont give news so often you have all my encouragements :)
Good luck ;)
le 1 fev 2013 à 0h 21 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (skymm
Because I still unable to continue my game; I stop the story for now and I create a Lite Version of the game. I will open my game in approximatly 1 hour.


After the created story, you will get a link to Skymm : Lite Version.
le 2 fev 2013 à 1h 33 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (skymm
A double post (after 24 hours though) to say that that game is opened! The Lite Version is always in creation, but it will be faster to complete then the complete version!

If you have any question, you can contact me with the Mail Box, I will be pleased to answer you!

Then, the only thing left to say : Have fun!
le 3 fev 2013 à 13h 16 (il y a 5 ans)
Webiplage En ligne Khann (manga-club
Okay! ^^
le 3 fev 2013 à 18h 34 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Jenna (fruitos
I'm register in your site and it's very nice :D
le 6 fev 2013 à 17h 27 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Cяσκys (minou
I write this comment at the same time i test your game.
First, I'd like to say that i really love the pics *-* Is it really you wjo made them ? :o I am impressed so much, they are wonderful ! *-*
I find the wait time while doing an action too long. I have to wait 5 minutes to chose a path, then 5 more to fight a wolf, and i have nothing to do during this time... But I don't know, maybe there will be some things to do while we wait in the complete version, if no i think you should reduce that time a bit ;)
And then, 5 minutes to dodge....
Exept that problem of waiting i really like the story and gameplay :) I don't speak english really good but the story is very clear and understandable for me, good point :D Cause i think many french players will suscribe and if they can't understand the story, it is a real problem xD
The gameplay is simple but good. Doing choice after choice is a good way to make this king of story, thanks to that we can really feel being the hero, it is immersive (i'm not sure of that word ^^').
Uh, there is a strange thing there :o "The lop, éblanlé" and "rele 'é", it sound like french words "loup", "ébranlé", "relevé"...
Well, i really don't like this waiting time xD
Hey wait, a french word again xD "The merchant is not toujours income"....

Ok i stop there for today :D It took me around 25 minutes to play and write this comment, hope you liked it :D
I think i've never writed a so long text in english oustide school context ^^'

le 12 mai 2013 à 23h 04 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (skymm
Hi everyone, I'm back!

Since I looked and saw that there were 10 variables and 15 actions, I started to write the story. So... There will be some add feature du to the boost of the gameplay!

• Battles
In battle, the character will get some Healt Points. These Healt Points can grow up with time. Thus mean that more you do the story, more you'll get Healt Points. The Boss Monster or Boss Ennemies will hit you and you will lost some Healt Points. However, you're Basic Healt Points (so the number of HP at the start of a battle) will never go down. If you want more precision about this, I'll be please to answer you.

Finally, I think that I'll be able to put a bestiary! Still, the bestiary will only be for the Boss Monsters and Boss Ennemies. When you defeat the Boss Monster or the Boss Ennemie, the Bestiary will put a colored picture of the Boss and will give some informations about it. With this function, you'll be able to do some Expeditions in the ASP (After Story Part) and battle them again. If you didn't beat them; you'll not be able to battle them again. Still, you can't go further in the principal story if you didn't beat the Boss of a Chapter. You can't go Chapter II if you didn't beat the Boss of the Chapter I, by exemple.

There's some object that will be sold in the market. The market will only be available in the town, so be wise! The Spell Books are sold by group of three letters (five letters for the last one) of 1500 Xi/each (2500 Xi for the last one) or one complete Spell Book for 12500 Xi. Remember that if you didn't get the spell, you'll be obligated to take the first option!

The work is a new idea! When you're in a town, you'll get another option. You'll be able to continue the story or you'll get the choice of working. Working take 12 hours, which is 1/2 day. It gives a big amount of money though.

The events came with the action Work. With this new action, people will be getting rich. So, each month, there'll be an event. This event will be the possibility to lose our money. The event will not be big, still, it would be cool for the fans to get the object. Every month, I will add an specific object that will be deleted after the event time! The object will get secret abilities, it's your job to discover it!

I think that it's all for the moment! Any question, I'll answer them! And... This summer, I'll open a new class!
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