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de eRadication (hellfire - créé le 16 mai 2013 à 13h 48
21 reponses - 530 vues
modifié il y a 5 ans
This game is made by the same creator as Skymm. The description here will be in english, still, the game is in french. I am able to understand that english games are less popular then french ones. So, let's start!

Hellfire is an MMORPG, as for my first game, but isn't in the same world, dimension, or whatever you want! The time I'll pass on programming Hellfire will be much less then on Skymm; for the ones that want to play my games, it could help to wait until the next class that will be released this summer! This MMORPG is more a basic one, with level and experiences. There's no skill, but there's competences, which are Power («Pouvoir» in game) and Shield («Bouclier» in game). There's three races, and each races get two classes. Thus mean that there's six classes. I'll made a little summary of basic competence three for each class a little further in the message. Also, there's different ways to get money and experiences. It's important to note that the game's not finished, and that there's some hours to pass on it!

•Races and Classes
The three races are Templar, Cabalist and Hunter. Associated with Templar, the Blademaster and the Guardian classes are the basics ones. For Cabalist, the Envoker and the Summoner are the less seen in video game and finally, Hunter get Marksman and Engineer, which we never see in an MMORPG. 
The basic competences three are for each 500 level...

Blademaster : X Power / 25-60 Shield
Guardian : 10-40 Power / X Shield
Envoker : X Power / 100-350 Shield
Summoner : 200-250 Power / X Shield
Marskman : X Power / 0-10 Shield
Engineer : 15-30 Power / X Shield

You can do whatever you want with these basic threes. It's just not necessarily normal to see a Marksman in the top for Shield or to see a Engineer in the top for Power!

•Experience and Leveling
First of all, experience will be different for each level, but at this moment, you need 100 experience to be able to level up. The ways to get experiences are simple, you need to battle demons of the game. As I said before, the leveling part is pretty the same as other MMORPGs created with Webidev. When the experience reach a certain amount, the action for level upping appear. The maximum level is over 1 000 000 000; so you have enough time to pass on it! 

•Battles and Monsters
Battles are automatic, which means you can't control the battle. You click and wait. I know it's not the best, but that'll be like this. However, there'll be some pictures for monsters, around 4 different type of monsters. Each battle cost 1 minutes of your time and gives an amount of money.

•Guard and Money
As in Skymm, Guard is an action that take a lot of time, but that gives a lot of money too. Each period of guarding take 12 hours and gives 100 Uz. Talking about money, you don't need to be rich to be good at this game. The only important thing to buy are keys. Others objects are Power's Upgraded Stone and Shield's Upgraded Stone or Honor Medal, which doesn't really change something in the game advancement.

This is the first real new thing between my two games. Depending of the character level, the number of floor that can be beaten change. There's 1250 floor maximum, and 1 floor minimum. The Donjons need keys to be accessed, but there's 5 kind of key. The Z Key; needed to pass from level 0 to 1. The Wood Key; needed from level 1 to 4, gives the chance to get from 1 to 10 floor to clear. The Metal Key; needed from level 5 to 24, gives the chance to get from 1 to 50 floor to clear. The Crystal Key; needed from level 25 to 124, gives the chance to get from 1 to 250 floor to clear.  The Diamond Key; needed since level 125, gives the chance to get from 1 to 1250 floor to clear. Battles at each floor of the Donjon are simple battle of 1 minutes.

For the moment, this is what I already thought about, may be that somethings will be added as long as I complete the game. All is not written, I let you discover by yourself the particularities of the points I talked about. 

By the way, I continue Skymm too!
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le 16 mai 2013 à 14h 36 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
You don't finish Skyrrim ?
le 16 mai 2013 à 14h 36 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
Skymm* sorry
le 16 mai 2013 à 17h 49 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (hellfire
Yes, I'm building Skymm at the same time! You can write to me if you're interrested by testing my game - Hellfire - or whatever!
le 16 mai 2013 à 20h 00 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
Oh yes ! Sorry for my verry bad english but i don't want use a traductor.
Your webiste is verry original I think. The design is pretty and the gameplay of Hellfire is so good. I will want test your website ;)
le 16 mai 2013 à 20h 03 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
*But in reality , I don't like the "MMORPG futuristic" I prefer Medieval RPG or Manga RPG to Futuristic RPG but : Why not ? It's good idea ?

I have a question : You are English , Irish , Scotish , Canadian or American ? And do you speak a little French ( with no traductor ) ?
le 16 mai 2013 à 20h 16 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (hellfire
Cool! If you have any question, use the contact form! I will answer you when I'll be able too. It's more a... Fantasy MMORPG, but yeah, kins of futurist one!

I'm Canadian; and all Hellfire texts are done withou translator... My friend help me to write!

Tomorrow I'll have much more time to help you and answer your questions, but, I'll try to take a look at my mail tonight.
le 17 mai 2013 à 22h 59 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (hellfire
#There's a little new for my first french game#

The maximum level programmed is level 100. To get there you'll need to have over 10 000 000 experience points. That means 400 000 battles, or around 100 000 Donjons!

The Donjons are programmed for the level 5 and less. I will concentrate on that by now. There's maximum 10 floor to beat, but there'll be more by the end of the week!

All the actions that take times get now an animation. That's a little something for the players.

Each month, there'll be an event about something I decide of. This month, for may, the subject is : what kind of game should I do next? You have 14 days to participate on the WEBSITE FORUM (take a look at the news on the website and go on forum page).

This is it for the moment!
le 17 mai 2013 à 23h 52 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne la rédaction (le-webdo
If i know speak english i tell you a long text for say that: good game :)

And good luck x)
le 18 mai 2013 à 11h 33 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
I go look the news ;)
le 18 mai 2013 à 11h 37 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Chiotos (chiotos
Just:Why your game is in French, and you do the description in English?
le 18 mai 2013 à 11h 44 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (hellfire
Because I'm an English-speaking-boy... So it's easier for me to describe what I want my game to be in english. However, the game is done with the help of a friend of mine!

My english game is named Skymm; and Hellfire is only for the only French-speaking-person.
le 18 mai 2013 à 12h 00 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Chiotos (chiotos
Okay, but there traduir Google translation for the French in anglais.Je do not know if you know ...
le 18 mai 2013 à 14h 03 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (hellfire
Because translator are pretty bad... They translate the text the majority of the time word by word; and that gives text like your last one, with French and English in the same sentence...

I'm English and I speak english, as you are French. No ones obligates you to write in english with me; you decide to do it. Me, I decided to speak the language I know, and not the one I don't.

Notwithstanding, I did a French written game and the reason is pretty simple... French people, as English people, are more attracted by their birth language.
le 18 mai 2013 à 14h 25 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
I use translator :

An English game(set,play) would not have me disturb but it is true that few French people will get tired to understand(include) your game(set,play) I think. But otherwise you would have to advertise Webidev on English sites which you know? It will allow to redo a community English to Webidev and to you to have new members!
le 18 mai 2013 à 15h 02 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Noui (bulbz
Hi ^^
Your French is pretty good (even better than some people here) so no need to worry.

The game itself is pretty good too, but as your game Skymm, some actions are maybe too long. (12 hours is a bit too much).

Btw, how did you discover Webidev ? I mean, you're the only one who's speaking english here.
le 18 mai 2013 à 16h 26 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (skymm
@Onira > There's some mistake, but, «Reverso» is one of the est translator I know; however I don't use it... I should do, but it's not everyone that like to take their time on programming browser video game.

@Noui > Yeah, I know, the actions are long for the moment because there's some other possibilities that are not complete... The 12 hours of guard will be shut down at 8 hours. It's normally the action we start just before goin to sleep, and when we wake up the next morning, we are rich! Or almost...

I found Webidev by looking on my friend of always GOOGLE. I did a research about : Create video game. GOOGLE asked me to do a research in French too, which lead me to this site!

#Don't force yourselves to write in english; I do no effort to really speak french, so I don't expect you to do efforts for me!#
le 18 mai 2013 à 16h 49 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Noui (bulbz
Oh, so this action was supposed to be done when we go to sleep, well, okay I'll remember that. And thanks to Google for bringing you here. ^^

I'm not really forcing myself to write in english, so don't worry about me. x)

Speaking of, I absolutely love MMORPG (this is why I like your games) and I noticed that, on Skymm, you have put some images of Guild Wars 2. Do you still play it ? Because I played it but not for a really long time, so I could restart again, maybe.
le 18 mai 2013 à 16h 49 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne CalipsOnira (gremlins
Ok :)
le 21 mai 2013 à 19h 23 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Chiotos (chiotos
So, even me:

I'd love to see your game Skymm because I love discovering News.
I followed the conversation, and now I have nothing to say because I do not have words ...
I would like to have your opinion on my game Chiotos, because I do not know what you think in eRadication. It is in French because it is logical, française.Je I'll write you the rest in French, do you?
Donc je disait que j'aivait envie de voir Skymm,et de savoir ton avis sur mon jeu. Voilà je vais reprendre,passé une bonne soirée !

Juste un truc:sur un traducteur,eRadication=enracinement.Est-ce qu'il y a unrapport avec ton jeu? Enfin,c'était pour savoir,en tout cas,passez Smileya good evening!Smiley
le 21 mai 2013 à 23h 19 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne eRadication (hellfire
@Chiotos > First of all, welcome!

« Donc je disait que j'aivait envie de voir Skymm,et de savoir ton avis sur mon jeu. Voilà je vais reprendre,passé une bonne soirée ! » - Chiotos

I'll take a look and I'll send you a message about what I'm thinking of your game, be sure of that! But I can't tell you when exactly I'll do it.

« Juste un truc:sur un traducteur,eRadication=enracinement.Est-ce qu'il y a unrapport avec ton jeu? » - Chiotos

In fact, eradication stay the same word as in french. However the definition's not really simple to understand : To get rid of as if by tearing up by the roots. For a exemple, Hitle eradicated jews in the WW2. eRadication is a styled way to write it, only that. ;)
le 22 mai 2013 à 10h 10 (il y a 5 ans)
En ligne Chiotos (chiotos

Thank you very much for having responded to my two questions. You pass when you want, this is not a problem. Progressing well on your games.Smiley
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